If you didn't have Arduino?

**If you didn’t have Arduino,What would you be doing in your spare time?[**color=#00ff00][/color]

Program my computers and play in my band. :slight_smile:

Electronics (without microcontrollers).

I dont know about you but i would be working my butt off to try and make soemthing like it just look how big it is don’t you agree?

Well, if you had said that the Arduino was not available (rather than that it was not in my possession) that would be my immediate thought. :wink:

Does anyone know,Did they have the AtMega chip a logn time before Arduino

30 second research led me to a source that said that the AVRs was developmed in 1996, so I guess the answer is yes.

Ya it Would be the first thing I did but I would publish it under a licence that payed royalties what kind is that

MakerMann, tell me, what proportion of Atmel’s sales of AVRs do you think Arduino represents?

Why the **** are you stalking me around.Do you want to look like a troll if so continue.

Would you make a proprietary Arduino? I think you should keep that to yourself if so.
Secondly, there are no trolls on this forum. If you want to hunt trolls feel free to window.location = 4chan.org

Let’s get back on topic?

Ok I dont want to open up a dif. topic so post along side your answer for the 1st topic.
How would you improve it,If you made your own?

As I’m not as invested in electronics and hardware as I am in software, I would work on the IDE quite a bit. Make it easier to develop for the processor.

I think you flatter yourself.

I’m just trying to ask a civil question about how large a market the Arduino represents, relative to Atmel.
Look at the OOPIC, and how much that made for its developer.
This is, after all, the bar, where grown ups go to discuss things and put the world to right.

Give me a second to regain my sense on give a s***

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How would you improve it,If you made your own?

Umm, I’d go with some friends of mine to another similar board and develop that…

Oh wait, that’s really happening, isn’t the world a weird place.

Lemme guess, I’m stalking you.

  • No I just happen to read every thread on the forum (that’s what the RSS does to ya). Perhaps that gives you an idea as to who knows what’s what on this forum and trust me, it aint you.

I’d still be coding my AVR’s with AVRGCC. It works just fine and all the capabilities of the Arduino are available. It’s just a matter of coding slightly differently.

Again. Arduino is not a magical device. It’s a micro controller supported by a bootloader, a pretty IDE and many time saving ready made libraries hidden behind the scenes.

And if not AVR, I would be coding for PICAXE, Microchip PIC’s, Parallax STAMPS or Propellers or even SX28’s. It’s just a matter of using what is available.

Most of us prefer Arduino because it’s much quicker to develop ideas and solutions than with other device alternatives and not because it does things other devices can’t do.

go buy one :smiley:
or maybe even build one…

Shortly prior to discovering Arduino, I was getting enthusiastic about the “WinPICprog” setup; a low-end PIC with some standardized connectors and “daughter” cards. Nigel's PIC Tutorial Main Board
I had even designed a set of PCBs for most of the hardware. But I would have had to make them myself (or had them made), which would have been annoying.