If you want to stack two PCBs board to board, what headers do you solder with?

I am trying to add FTDI chip to a design of mine but it's just too much work and overhead to have it on my board while a ready-to-use module only goes for $7 on ebay (or $5.5). So I want to use one of these:


It is entirely surface mount so it sits flat on my PCB. I then want to solder it on my PCB. Any suggestions? Thanks.

find a version with straight pins (rather than the right-angle pins shown in the photo), and use them to solder it?
This one, perhaps: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FTDI-Basic-Breakout-5V-3-3V-Arduino-Compatible-USB-TTL-FT232RL-for-MWC-MultiWii-/200946431619?pt=Home_Automation_Modules&hash=item2ec9573683

So just straight pins? I will try that. The link you provided is promising but the pin out is different from popular sparkfun ones. I asked around and one seller says they can sell me modules without the headers. I wonder if he is just saying yes and send me those with headers and says oops or pretend he doesn't understand English. Lots of these sellers don't know what they are selling, let alone selling slightly modified modules.

Are the 6 FTDI Basic arrangement of mounting on the board already?
If not, you could mount one of these liudr, use male pins going thru the board and the module.

Looks like this when in place.