Hi Guys,

I completely new to this forum, so hi to all!

Currently I'm starting up a new project and it has some history that I better share. A year ago we bought a house and I quickly realized that the previous owners did some weird heating configuration. Our main place is heated separately from our central heating system with a 'fake' woodfire. It looks all very nice but the problem is that it is not connected to our thermostat. So our house stays under a comfortable temperature when the woodfire is not on.

I solved this issue by buying a nest and connect the gasfire with a sonoff. The sonoff and nest where talking with each other. But it's just.. Not good enough. The sonoff lost often his presetting so it didn't respond and the app from sonoff (ewlink) just uses so much battery that i decided to do it differently.

My plan is to hack myself in to the sonoff and take control myself, so I can let the NEST communicate via IFTTT to my ESP.

Well, now I'm stuck. I can get in to the ESP. But I have no clue how to let the nest talk to it over the IFTTT.

Does somebody knows I nice tutorial that explains me how to get this done? Or has experience himself whit this? I've found some information on this forum and on the web. But it's all about the other way around. The esp talking to IFTTT. So not very usable.

If you think my approach to the problem is not a good one, please tell me. Maybe I can find a different way.

Thx in advance.