IHUD GY-80 10Dof project

Hi Guys,

Im just looking for a bit of guidance as I’m completely new to Arduino and I’m attempting what looks like a very difficult project.

Firstly let me explain my reason. I fly a Quick 912 a flexwing microlight that has a wing that acts and behaves differently to a conventional 3 axis aircraft. Basically the wing moves in different directions initially from the pod where the interments are located. Very basically the wing is controlled be offsetting the wight manually in a kind of pendulum affect.

Im attempting to make a device that will give me an acurate artificial horison remotely sent to my iPad using wifi and an app called ihud remote.

The idea is a 10Dof IMU sensor will sit inside the wing and my iPad in the cockpit this should give me a realtime idea of what the wing is doing. (I must stress this would only be used for interest and in an emergency and not to fly IFR)

So a list of things i have so far:

  1. The app https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ihud-remote/id464579648?mt=8

  2. I have a GY-80 sensor (but I’m currently looking for a sketch that will give me a stable readout that is combined and will do all sensors) Is this possible ?

  3. I also have a RN-XV Wifly Module this will hopefully allow me to send the data to the iPad

  4. I also have a 3.7 v li-po battery to power the devices but will ultimately hard wire a power source.

I have the Arduino uno and a good starter kit turning up today to hopefully.

Any guidance or help in achieving this project would be greatly appreciated, bare in mind I’m basically stupid but trying my best to pick all of the language up with regard to sketches and programming the modules.

Chris :smiley:

Basically the wing moves in different directions initially from the pod where the interments are located.

I do so hope that "interments" is supposed to be "instruments" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol... maybe i should have used spell check, i did say i was stupid ;)

Ok managed to get a readout from the X, Y, Z , Axis of the L3G4200 Chip

Every now and then i get a big readout on the Y axis like this with no movement. Anyone know why ?

X:-18 Y:4 Z:20
X:-18 Y:3 Z:16
X:-21 Y:255 Z:22 <<<<<<<<
X:-15 Y:6 Z:20
X:-19 Y:5 Z:16
X:-22 Y:0 Z:20
X:-15 Y:3 Z:15
X:-12 Y:2 Z:16
X:-21 Y:4 Z:17

My next step is to try and use this data to visually move a 3d object about its axis so i can asses how accurate the movements will be when used on an artificial horizon.

As far as i can ascertain this is done using something like this on a program called processing 2.2.1

Im having some problems getting the serial part to read the data its telling me port not found can anyone see where I’m going wrong ?

Thanks in advance for any advice…

import processing.serial.*;
Serial mySerial;
PrintWriter output;
int accel_x;
void setup() {
mySerial = new Serial( this, “/dev/tty.usbmodem1431-9600”);
output = createWriter( “documents/datalauran.txt” );
void draw() {
if (mySerial.available() > 0 ) {
String value = mySerial.readString();
if ( value != null ) {
void keyPressed() {
output.flush(); // Writes the remaining data to the file
output.close(); // Finishes the file
exit(); // Stops the program

I am certainly no expert at Processing but, maybe the line

mySerial = new Serial( this, "/dev/tty.usbmodem1431-9600");

should be like

mySerial = new Serial( this, "/dev/tty.usbmodem1431",9600);

Thanks for the reply that seemed to solve the problem well that problem anyway :D