ili 9486 3.5" arduino 2cm high font wanted

I bought a 3.5" tft lcd because i want to be able to read the display from across the room. a bold text about 2cm high would probably do it. but amazingly (at least to me) i cant find a font to fill the bill. using a mega.

i would buy an ili 9481 3.5" if i could find this size font.
i found a 1cm font for a little 1306 0.94". how come big displays don't use large fonts ?

or am i missing something ?

I'm also looking for some large fonts with background but no luck.

Adafruit_GFX style libraries all support Free Fonts.
Adafruit_GFX comes with several Free Fonts. But you can add more fonts if you want.

Yes, the Adafruit_GFX code only renders the font transparently. So you will need to draw a fresh background if you want to "overwrite" some existing text.

Some libraries might provide different text modes. I am constantly amazed that punters do not say which shields or which libraries they are using.

Posting links to your hardware is always wise. You have already bought the items. But it costs nothing to change library. (or learn how to use your existing library)