ILI3941 Parallel to SPI

I have a screen just lying around (ok, its from the DSO138 oscilloscope kit) and I would like to interface it with my Feather M4. However, I would like to interface it with the screen with SPI since I'm short on pins, but the only pins that seem to be exposed is the parallel interface

Here are the pins exposed:
DB0-DB17, CS, RS, WR, RD, IM0, IM3, and Reset.
The funny thing is, the YL, YR, XL and XR pins are exposed even though it isn't a touchscreen

Is there any way I can interface it using SPI or will I need some supporting electronics? If so, what would I need and how would I wire it?

You have IM3, IM0
0000 = 8080-8
0001 = 8080-16

All the SPI variants require IM2, IM1 e.g
0101 = 3-Wire bidirectional SDA
0110 = 4-Wire bidirectional SDA
1101 = 3-Wire SDI / SDO
1110 = 4-Wire SDI / SDO

Why not use 8080-8 ?
Or buy a Red SPI display. They are pretty cheap.


I would use 8080-8 if I had enough pins available, but sadly I don't.

I did some searching around for how to convert SPI to 8 bit parallel and found the MC74HC589A, which apparently does what I want.

Would this work ? If so, how would I wire it? If not, would another IC work? Or am I out of luck and just need to buy a screen?

Oh I now realize that the chip I just mentioned does parallel to SPI , not the other way around. Is there another chip that could work?

Go on. Red SPI ILI9341 boards are very cheap.

e.g. 2.2 inch with switchable backlight

e.g. 2.4 inch with Touch

e.g. 2.8 inch with Touch and switchable backlight

Note that you have to be careful. Some boards do not have Touch chip.

You can always use your Parallel display on another project.
Trying to make a "Waveshare SPI abortion" is more trouble than it is worth.