Ili9225 Built in sd card not working.

Hello, I am doing data logging for a school project and I purchased an esp32 and ili9225 tft (non touch) board off of amazon. HiLetgo 2.2 inch ILI9225 SPI Serial Port 176x220 TFT LCD Module with SD Socket for 51/ARM/Arduino I got the screen working well with the arduino but the sd card has not worked yet. The serial connections to the sd card are in parallel to the screen.

Here is my set up and testing: Mosi-D23 Moso-D19 Clk-D18 Cs-D5 Vcc-3.3 Gnd-gnd

I tested it switching the mosi and moso pins incase they were mislabeled.

I have soldered the jumper to bypass the 3.3v regulator as the esp32 is 3.3v and I heard that can cause issues (tested before and after soldering)

The code I have used is both sd card examples and my own code and I tested all of this code with a sd card module to make sure the sd card itsself works well.

I also tested this with an arduino nano and again the tft screen sd card slot does not work.

I think the issue may be that this board does not have an IC to interface with the sd card and the sd card slot is a full size (i have only worked with micro sd cards and the sd card reader has an IC on it). The amazon link has a schematic of the board. Also there is a CS_F pin which has something to do with flash. I have not touched this pin so far (maybe I need to supply it 3.3v?)

Please let me know if anyone has other ideas to test or has example code to interface with this type of sd card let me know. Thanks.

Update: I got it working last night just now! I followed this tutorial: I think the issue in the end just may have been faulty connections with cheap headers. Everything is soldered in place now

Good Job!