ili9225 drawText() not working on esp8266

I am using the TFT_22_ILI9225 library on the esp8266 nodemcu. My problem is that the drawText() function is not working ( the screen turns white and no text is displayed ). If I comment out any drawText() command, the program works fine; I have tried two different esp8266 nodemcu models and the problem is the same. All three of the example programs in the library exhibit this behavior on my esp8266 boards.

The library works fine when using and arduino uno--it only occurs on my esp8266 boards. Is anyone else experiencing this condition or has a solution?

Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

The ESP8266 compile process is more sensitive to coding faults, uninitialised pointers and reading illegal memory areas than the AVR.

If the library is from Github, then raise an issue on Github so the author can deal with it.

I suspect it is all down to memory access problems, possibly this line in the header file:

#define readFontByte(x) pgm_read_byte(&cfont.font)