ILI9341 2.2'' TFT LCD Display

Hello guys, recently I bought a 2.2'' TFT SPI LCD online (Yep, the one with the orange/red board).
I tried to interface it with the library i found online but the screen is just not working.

I know this might be a frequently asked question in this forum, but still I would still like to ask what is the proper way to interface this screen? I am using an Arduino-standalone board for this and all the connection I made is like this:

VCC = 5V
CS = 10
DC/RS = 9
SCK = 13
LED = 5V

The only response I got when I try to run the example code is white screen, white screen everywhere. While I also did some research online and some saying that this screen is not compatible with 5V logic, is it true? What is the correction I have to do?

*Ps: Please note that I am using an arduino-standalone board which I dont have the 3.3V pin to connect to. And also I used this board before with a 1.44'' TFT LCD and it works just fine.

Any help is very much appreciated, thanks again!

Thanks for the "supportive" response I get. I have figured the problem myself by supplying 3.3v to the board. So It indeed needs a 3.3V logic instead of 5V. Case closed. I have to figure out level shifter resistors to bring down the voltage when it is connected with USB 5v. Hopefully it works this time.

Just search through this Forum.
The question is asked frequently.
The same answer is always given.

It is refreshing to note that you are following the advice to use 3.3V logic.
From your search, you will have noticed that most punters are determined to use 5V and ignore the answers.

I admire the patience of Bill and Don when answering the SAME questions about 16x2 displays every day.
You probably noticed that there are a couple of members that often answer the 2.2" SPI questions.
They possibly have beds to sleep in, or may be busy with other things in life.


Thanks for the advise, David. Sorry for being too sarcastic :grin: , I don't mean to offend anyone. This forum is awesome after all, peace out!