ILI9341 pins connected to arduino-question

Hello, can I connect the pins of ILI9341 to any other pin but not to 'mosi miso sck' because in 'mosi miso sck' I have connected 'nrf24l01', but ILI9341 will only be used as a screen to display some data, not like the touch screen

Nobody to help me?

because in 'mosi miso sck' I have connected 'nrf24l01'

What is the mosi miso sc pin? I only know of three separate pins. If that is the case then wire them also to the display and have another pin to act as the SS or slave select pin. These three pins make up the SPI bus and you can connect several devices to this bus.


Thank you very much for your reply, now I understand how it works, I appreciate your help