ILI9486 is slow

Hello, I have Arduino Mega2560 and ILI9486 tft lcd with Uno shield. I use MCUFRIEND library and all examples are running slow. But on Arduino Uno everything is okay. Is there any way to speed it up? I also want to use Mega’s 21-53 pins for LEDs and etc., so there’s no way I’m could use Uno.

Here are the videos of testing:
Uno: MVI 2485 - YouTube completed test in 37384 ms
Mega: MVI 2484 - YouTube completed test in 52620 ms

I would like to know if there’s any good, optimized libraries. I tried TFT_eSPI and I couldn’t manage to run it on Arduino Mega, I think it’s for ESP32 or ESP8266 or I just don’t understand how to set it up.

If I forgot to mention something important here, please tell me.
I hope this can be solved.

By the way all colors are accurate and touch works perfectly.

The Uno Display shields are designed for a Uno.
The data bus is very inefficient on a Mega2560.

If you want to use a Mega2560, buy a Mega2560 Display Shield.

You can make a Display Adapter with a Protoshield but a proper Mega2560 Display Shield is much more convenient.


Hey, David, I read your posts in the pasts :). But how I will be able to use pins from 21 to 54 if I get Mega shield?

You won't be able to use 22-53 because the Mega Display Shield will be plugged into the 2x18 header socket.

With a Protoshield you can access any unused pins.