ILI9488 flickering lines

Hi guys, I bought this display from aliexpress…
Started to test it, download some libraries and manage to let it work…

But now I’ve got problems… When no sketch loaded, display turns white, a clean bright white. Ok… With sketch loaded I see a lot of flickering lines and barely can see images.

I attached a picture. The display is here:

Too less power? LCD problem? Can anyone help me? Thanks!!

With no sketch loaded and without a display reset, the display controller will be in an undetermined state. Flickering lines may indicate that its being over-driven, imo.

That looks like a greatly exaggerated problem I have. I found LCD displays need a narrow band of adjustment, a little change in bias induces large changes in brightness.
I have been looking at how to drop the upper and lower brightness and the many CABC registers. There looks to be a register write function in MCUFriend_kbv.cpp and .h (declarations) that can be modified to add brightness and CABC controls. My interests lead me to 0x51, display brightness value, content adaptive brightness control ,0x55h, and CABC minimum brightness control, 0x5Eh.
I have been so tired I couldn't read, then as I was about to figure out how the CABC registers work, the lawn tractor broke down. I should be done with it today, if no one else figures that out first, I will post what I find.

Hi guys... still having that problem!!

I'm using (R61581,38,39,40,41) driver, which is the only one I managed to work, from UTFT library.

Display works, but still having that problem with brightness. I found datasheet for ILI9488 and added to initlcd.h (the one of R5161) two lines of code:


Trying to set up brightness to zero. It didn't work. Any suggestion? Thanks!!