ili9488 with tuoch screen

Thank you very much for your answer. The board have "61509" rubber stamped on the bottom of your pcb. Could you upload a correct library in your Web site or Google Drive or DropBox?

This is my type mistake. The board have "61509" rubber stamped on the bottom of your pcb.

This is a correct answer. The board have "61509" rubber stamped on the bottom of my pcb.

I do not have a website or Dropbox account. Do you not have an Email ?


Hello David.

You can send a file to me using the following page. You have to install nothing. You don't need any password.

When you use chrome, you can use Drag&Drop.

I have no intention of using any random dropbox. I do not use Chrome.


Please go to the new Thread to download the MCUFRIEND_kbv library.


Thank you David. Wonderful! It work perfectly. A picture of Shild I bought is attached. I bought this Shild from AliExpress at $7.22.




Hello, I bought mcfriend 3.95" TFT lcd (for arduino uno). It works with the adafruit library (touch not tested). The controller is ili9488, resolution 320x480. De layout is the same as the pictures from nopnop2002.

My question is if this TFT-shield works with the UTFT library. I tried several settings (LCD_RD = A0, LCD_WR= A1 etc.) and controllers but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone experience with the combination UTFT and this display?

Hi Hazo. Can you give me your library who works with 9488? Please attach to this post or send me on email Many thanks

Hello tao13,

Attached the library and example that works on my UNO/MEGA in combination wirt mcfriend 3.95" display (ili9488 based). I found this in an earlyer contribute on one of the Arduino forums (sorry, i don’t remember where).

Because of compatibility with other projects, i am looking for the UTFT library modified for ili9488 (3.95" 320x400 mcfriend). If some one reads this who can help me, please, publish your solution…
Thanks, Hans.

ADAFruit (433 KB)

Many thanks Hazo. I put the library in 1.6.5 and tried tftpaint2_9327 on arduino mega 2560 (put directly in the board , not use pins 22..29) It works but with some problems: - move slow - works on a little area from lcd , but it is defined like 9488 with 480X240 dimmensions. - touch not work

I attached some pics. Thanks again for your support.



UTFT library doesn't work with some of these shields because it uses the first 8 digital pins (0-7) instead some shields uses pins from 2 to 9. The reason is that the first 8 pins are in the same 328P port.

Many of these shields has different chip and very often the seller doesn't know which chip are inside. As I wrote here I bought one with spfd5408 controller and received one with ILI9325 controller. Also the photo in eBay was different.

It is simple enough to alter the "libraries\UTFT\hardware\avr\HW_ATmega328P.h" file to match the MCUFRIEND data bus.

The less obvious task is to make the /RD pin safe. UTFT has no concept of reading a controller. It makes no provision for the /RD pin. So you need to add these lines to your UTFT sketches:

void setup()
    pinMode(A0, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(A0, HIGH);

As far as I know, there is no official UTFT release that supports the ILI9488. It is pretty easy to add the support but IMHO, you are better off with the Adafruit style of library.

Regarding "Ebay and TFT Shields". The photos and descriptions are often completely wrong. It is best to look closely at the actual Shield that you received in the mail. Then post a link to the "best or nearest photo" that you can find on Ebay. Together with a link to the actual Ebay sale item that you bought. Has anyone ever obtained a Shield with a real SPFD5408 controller?


Hi David,

I have this 3.95'' mcufriend with ili9488 from aliexpress. I've been searching and looking to make this white screen go away and in two occasions I got it to show a dark rectangle (from a modified adafruit library) and a few vertical colored lines on the leftmost column that succeded eachother (from some weird code that I got from the mcufriend website). other than that a big nada. I have been at this for a few days, tried all kinds of modified adafruit libraries and UTFT as well and still nothing. I am using an Arduino Uno, and the final idea is to have pictures show on this display with a one second delay let's say... Can you please point me in the right direction? Maybe upload a modified library that is plug and play with this screen?

Many thanks!


Have you tried the library that I attached to message #14 in this thread?

I will upload an updated version in a few days. But the original should work ok.

If you have a problem, please refer to message #14.


Thanks David, I had the first version of the Arduino IDE for a previous library to work. I have installed the latest and now your mkv library works. thanks!

thanks for the libary david, it works fine on uno, but now i want to use it on my arduino mega, on the mega the sdcard don't work, can you tell me what i can do? i don't understand how to wire.

thank you in advance, this is a big problem for me.


I bought a mcufriend 3.6 inch TFT LCD Display Touch Screen Module Arduino UNO R3 Board Plug and Play on eBay.

The description says it has a ili9488 controller, but on the back is printed: 3.5" TFT LCD fir arduino uno (9486) After some tests using Arduino Uno, I ended up using Mcufriend_kbv_2.1. The UTFTGLUE in the GLUE_Demo_480x320 is initialized like: UTFTGLUE myGLCD(0x9486,A3,A2,A1,A0,A4); And the demo works.

Thanks David.

Are you using the original UTFT library? Because it shouldn't work since your shield uses pin 2-9 and UTFT should use pin 0-7.

I do not use the UTFT library at all. The UTFTGLUE class simply uses the same class methods as the UTFT library. It is not perfect.

But it does allow you to take a sketch written for UTFT and run it on a mcufriend compatible shield. The constructor arguments are actually ignored because MCUFRIEND_kbv always uses the Shield pins.

If you edit the UTFTGLUE.h file to use a Adafruit_TFTLCD constructor, it should work with a traditional hacked Adafruit library. i.e. the constructor arguments will allow you to change control pins.

Likewise, most of the example sketches can work with a traditional Adafruut constructor e.g. graphicstest_kbv and tftpaint_kbv. Even readpixel_kbv. However, things like scroll_kbv obviously depend on a vertScroll() method that is not part of the Adafruit class.


p.s. I would dearly like someone with an ILI9486 shield to test the readpixel_kbv sketch. p.p.s. The ILI9327 clearly does not work in PORTRAIT_REV and LANDSCAPE mode. Nor does the readGRAM() or readPixel()