Illogical error output - who is on first?

Here is a very simple typo error reported, however, the red background status / header prints the LAST error.
This is misleading, it should report / print the FIRST error - the actual cause of error and not the result of the error.
Since Arduino is geared for beginners this strange error reporting does not encourage good troubleshooting habits to look for source of the error , not for the consequences.

Audio_Base.ino:1:2: error: invalid preprocessing directive #includ
In file included from Audio_Base.ino:2:
/Process.h: In function 'void Process()':
Process.h:3: error: 'Serial' was not declared in this scope

Another half-assed post. No code, but plenty of whining.

When ARE you going to learn?

I'm not sure I follow.
Are you saying that "Audio_Base.ino:1:2: error: invalid preprocessing directive #includ" should NOT be the first error reported? It certainly looks first from here.

No, he's saying Post Your Code.
Kind of hard to guess what the error is coming from otherwise.

No, he's saying Post Your Code.

My comment was addressed at the OP. He's complaining that the wrong error is being reported first, YET it appears that the typo IS the first error reported.

Oops, didn’t notice the name change. Sorry about that.
Either way, lets see some code from Vaclav, let’s see what’s causing the error(s).

@OP. Read this and this

This also is worth a read.

Please don’t post any more detail-deficient whines until you’ve done so.