Illuminato ISA Shield in the works

I really want to play with generating video with a old ISA Trident card I have. Did a little research and so far this is what I have been able to work out for my idea.

Link to the schematic

Many uses possible for this shield. Old school IDE adapters, Sound cards, net cards

I have an Illuminato on order cant wait to get it and have the correct size / pin outs to finalize this design :)

Interesting concept.

If you email the guys over at Liquidware, I'm sure they could get you the exact measurements so that you could FAB this board while you await your Illuminato.

Good luck on this project, I look forward to seeing your updates.

This is so cool!

Actually, yep - if you email me at inthebitz at gmail, I'll take out my super-adjustable laser guided auto-leveling measurement calipers (aka wooden ruler - ha) and send you any physical dimensions you want... I have a bunch of the PCB's in now, sitting here in a box by my desk getting ready to be built, and I also have my older Illuminato built up too.

Also, maybe the last picture on the wiki page here might be helpful? You could even maybe look at the pitch spacing there and it'd be really close - it prints to scale on my printer here, so at least the perspectives are right, and the total thing is the size of the arduino:

I have a couple of old ISA cards lying around too that I've been keeping for "one of these days" moments... so count me in for a few boards too.