I'm a newbie, and I have a programming tip for newbies regarding adding libs.

Forgive me if this is in the wrong spot, but I came here looking for help, but helped myself before asking the question. Just want to pass this on to anyone new as me having probs.

Bought a Mega 2560 Arduino, with an eye to lighting starship models, as well as learning to program.

Found a bazillion sketches online, but could not get them to work. Seems I was missing class libraries like BlinkLED and ChaseLEDs, to name a few. After much fruitless searching, I could not find actual compiled files of these libs I needed. Plenty of pages of source, though. Tried cutting and pasting, but upon compiling, would get errors about "Stray '#' in program" and the like. This was caused by my use of wordpad, and it's addition of format characters.
That's when I registered here to ask for help. In staring at my screen, composing my questions and taking screenshots of error messages, my eyes fell upon an icon on my taskbar: NotePad++.
Of course! It's a C++ editor! Sure enough, copied and pasted, and in the "Save" dialog, there is the choice to save as C++ source files, .h and .cpp among them.

Problem solved. Just Google NotePad++ and download it, it's free, and you can add libs all day long now.
(I have NO affiliation with notepad++, other than as a user)

Hope this helps you.

When I find a library online that I would like to download I look for an option to see the RAW code, then copy/paste it or a zip file to download. Copy/paste from a normal web page will often include hidden Unicode characters and sometimes line numbers and other artefacts of the Web.

What were you pasting into when you got the error messages ?
I use Notepad++ to edit .cpp and .h files and just save them as normal.