Im a noob and need to know which to use.

Hello everyone, well I have used an arudino board for my last project and it was basically simple stuff. I am total obvilious to any form of robotics and I would like to learn more along this entire year. But i am stuck on what motor or servo i need for this project.

I will be building a project for my nephew, what i want is to have three sticks or pvc piping holding up foam heads (I am going to design to look like zombies, he is a horror fanatic!) anyways each of these foam heads will be lodged on the wooden sticks or pvc piping, attached at the bottom will be a plastic pulley, now i just want them all simualtaneously to turn 90 degrees and then back to 90 degrees. So my question is do i use a servo for this? And if so do i need a servo for each one? or can i use like a servo with a timing belt sorta thing?

I am totally new to all of this and would love to get knowledge in this. I know thousands of you already built something like this already but I cant seem to find online the right description so I can see how they do it.

Thanks in advance.

I'd vote for 3 servo, the efforts to build a mechanic doesn't worse a couple of chipo servo. Plus, each head getting independence, all bunch visual effect could be contracted simply varying a phase.

Thanks magician!

If I can just follow up one more question please. I see a lot of standard servos and then I saw a micro servo. What would you recommend? These foam head things aren't going to be heavy at all.

I'm not an expert, there is some math involved, mechanical momentum , weight, radius etc. and torque of servo. Probably, someone have better answers. If I'd be in your shoes, I'd just try with one, than "correct" miscalculation on second and third. You never know before you try something....

Hi, This is the universal, basic hobby servo - I would suggest you try this as your starting point.

Duane B