I'm ambitious... give me that - AutoDoor

Hi, i work as an automatic door engineer, i work with loads of different models of automatic door headers (i get my hands on alot of perfectly good motors if anybody wants one :stuck_out_tongue: ) and basically, non of them work quite the way i'd like them to, so being the abitious kinda guy i am, i've decided with my very limited knowledge of electronics, that i could probably make one, after all "how hard can it be"

i say very limited knowledge of electronics, i've dabbled, built a few kits, wrote some software on the arduino.

basically, i know its got the possibility to take months of work, but i always found i learn better with an end goal

so with my very limited knowledge, heres my plan up to know, if someone could tel me how feasable it is i'd be very grateful!

currently im just building a little model with a servo to test out theories

stepper motor/servo
various switches to simulate saftey sensors

for now i'll just program the "door" through the sketch but eventually, i wanna make an external Programmer, with a lcd and pots for adjusting limits, open speeds, hold open times ect ect

button gets pressed (or a sensor picks someone up)
door opens to its open limit at its set opening speed
waits for hold open time
closes at its close speed back to its close limit

during its open or close cycle, if a sensor picks up a person, it must be able to stop and reverse back to its limit i figured that could work with an interrupt

i figure the software will know the position of the door by counting from the encoder (again my knowledge of encoders is that i looked at one and went... "sounds about right" )

when i sat and start writing stuff down in a notepad i realised theres gonna be ALOT more variables than i thought there would be!

anyway its pretty late here and i've been looking at arduaino tutorials all day, if i haven't made something clear let me know and i'll try and explain a bit better:)


Welcome to the forum Dan. Good luck in your project and learning journey.

So you didn't actually ask any questions? :smiley:


i just want to know if the whole thing is feasible really. i'm absolutely certain i'll be back with a million and one questions once i get started but for now i think the research is doing me good :stuck_out_tongue: