I'm building a code sharing library


I am building a free code sharing library for electronic / microcontroller projects, (pays for itself via google ads on the page).

The idea is that users can upload code and photos/schemtics. It has a form of version control built in so you can update your projects and see the changes over time.

Is this something that would interest Arduino users? If so I'll post the link so you can play with it.

Also, what would you suggest as the licence/copyright statements, for the moment I've just said that all code uploaded can be used for commercial and non-commercial use.

Thanks, Mike


Personally? I wouldn't be interested. I like to share information and exchange idea's with people at the forum "here", where I can upload images and share code, which may or may not indirectly benefit the Arduino project. I like to think of anything I contribute, as a thank you to others "here" that have done the same.

But, with the 'book' and now this, I'm starting to think it might be better to keep things to myself - while what you propose sounds all nice and community like, I own sites with google ads as well, I know there's a commercial gain to be had and if someone's pocketing that themselves on the back of the work of others, no matter how you word it, it's not something that would ever sit right with me.

Others may think differently 8-)

i was thinking something similar. i don't even use the existing wiki/playground, i totally prefer the atmosphere of a forum to share code, ideas and small talk. A code/hardware library and versioning still is something that fascinates me, but i think, that this would be more a private thing for me, like a weblog. maybe that's a little egocentric 8-) but without the social components of a forum you take away the fun from sharing. and since i don't think that this place here gets overcrowded yet, i don't think that there's much need for such a platform.

but i want to encourage you to go on with your project! there is definitely a need for simple/intuitive (and free) project-versioning tools. the more the better (not kidding here, i mean it) i'm working on something similar for my school's website. it has nothing to do with electronics. it's just updateable project-documentation with slides. the decision to code it myself rather than picking up an existing solution was to be able to expand it later with similar features.