Im crap at writing code Im wondering if someone can help me.

So Im rubbish at code anyways and im kind of a newbie but im creating a project where by I have an LED screen, Keypad made by the company below and what I want to do is press a catagory in this case abcd then enter an Item amount which could be any number up to like 20 which is then saved until I clear it by using either hash or the star key and then be able to do the same but being able to do this will all catagorys abcd.

I need some help where by the actual board setup and the coding to try to complete this project for a deadline in a months time. My code knowledge is absolutely crap and I could do with this massive favor which will be rewarded at a student level.

if your intrested email me at thanks Ryan

Have you googled for it?

You could always start there....

Student… project… deadline… just wants help with only everything… “creating a project”

Recognizing a project is out of your scope is a good sign to do a different project you can actually do yourself. Academic integrity and all that.

. . . or get it moved to this section of the forum and maybe offer a payment:

I, for one, sometimes give a hand here in projects which, because they have no other obvious practical application, are probably school work in some guise or other.

INTP: Academic integrity and all that.

Integrity? These kids today have no integrity. They just want the A by whatever means necessary with the least amount of work so they can get out in the real world and fail and claim that a degree is worthless when really it's just their degree that's worthless because they cheated their way into it. Go look at some of the freelance writing gig sites. Three quarters of the offerings are to write a college paper for someone. Nobody wants to actually learn. That would be hard and these kids are way too chicken-shit for that.

OP: not picking on you in particular. I don't even know if you're a student. Just railing on the fact that integrity has gone the way of the 8-track.

Don't over-generalize. There's plenty of kids putting in the time & effort to really learn stuff.

It was easy to identify my students who were turning in someone else's homework (e.g., A's on homework, F's on exams). However, my question was always: Who do they think they're kidding? A computer programming course was only taken by those who majored in CS, which means many, more difficult, classes were to follow. If you aren't willing to put the work in at the beginning, do you plan on cheating all the way through your major? I'm sure that's been done, but it's one thing to get a failing grade, it's something else to get fired for incompetency. You'd think they'd learn that the Piper gets paid in the long run.