I'm in hurry please help me, Project; Detecting gaz with TGS2560

i would like to star my project ; gaz detector ( Alcohol, Methan ....) using TGS 2560 and arduino, i need help, some one tell me how to do.... it's an urgency please please please :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

TGS 2560 is a plant genome and Alcohol is not a gaz(sic) at STP. So just what on earth are you talking about?


Hi, welcome to the forum.

Which gas sensor ? http://www.figarosensor.com/products/sensor/application/
Every gas sensor has details and a pdf file with all the specifications.

Here is a basic page to start with : http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MQGasSensors

Do you want a gas sensor that shows the percentage Alcohol and the percentage Methane and so on ? That is not possible. When you calibrate the gas sensors with known percentages of gasses, you can achieve some kind of accuracy, but most of those gas sensors are sensitive to a number of gasses.

(While I was typing this, holmes4 already wrote the same (sort of))

Reminds me of the old saying,

Lack of planning on your parts does not constitute a panic on my part.

Sounds like someone left their project a bit late for school.

With so little information, it is going to take some time to work it out.