Im locked out please help me

Hi arduino masters,I have a single propeller sphericall drone project with arduino UNO. Im using 4 servo motors(for flaps) and 1 brussless motor(for propeller) with ESC. But the main problem is, I cannot controll 4 servo motors and 1 brushless motor seperatly with a remote controller.Please help me about arduino code,it is very hard for me.

Im waiting your suggestions

burakarda: Im waiting your suggestions


Your project seems quite complex, yet you gave only a skim overview. Howzabout some deets? Read the How to post!

burakarda: Im waiting your suggestions

Give it time to go around thr world. Most forums and their users don't appreciate kicking within 24 hours and it's considered impolite.

Remember that people that might be able to help might be sleeping.

How does the thread title relate to your problem?

I attached the design of the drone.Flaps will balance the body for reverse rotating.Firsty I dont have to steer but I have to take off and landed perfectly.

I think what the folks are saying is that we are not sitting next to you to see how the circuit is wired, nor can we see your code. It's kinda like "... help me read this book without telling us what the book is"

Your project seems to have several aspects to it, likely quite difficult of a novice. I suggest you break it up into small parts. Like:

1) read one joy stick. 2) etc.....

Remember, if you want an exact answer, we need exact details.

Good luck