Im looking for a servo ... ideally


Im trying to control multiple mirrors using servos. My code is working well but the servos are letting me down. I am using 9 gram Tower Pros. Very cheap so they were good for prototyping. Now I need something with a little more class. I require a much smoother action of the servo. The tower pro can jitter quite badly while moving. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. Im going to need ten of these in total so i dont want to break the bank with them.

Thanks in advance


Are you using servo.write to position the servos? servo.writeMicroseconds(uS) gives finer control and may smooth the action. Also adding a 0.1uf cap across the power input to the servo can help "jittering".

Thats interesting i will give that a go right now. Will order up a capacitor to give it a go too.

Will report back :)

How are you powering these servos? The issue may simply be inadequate power if you're moving multiple servos at the same time.

Currently just running 2 as i am without an external power supply. That will be implemented in due course. It runs smoother now for sure. Still some jitter so will add the capacitor when i can and go from there. Thankyou