im new and got an idea

I also posted this in the workshops section but i didn’t know if it was in the right place. But anyways this is it : first off please excuse any newbish statements, I am new. But anyways, i had an idea about making a rc car that you can controll with your computer, but also has video streaming. I already know video streaming is almost impossible, so i am getting a wirless webcam and just not hooking it up to the arduino, it will be seperate. I looked around and realized i needed a motor sheild, 4 motors(wheels), 1 servo (i think) for steering, and an xbee shield so i can control it. But i am not sure what xbee shields i should use, if i should have 2 - one for the car and one for the computer-, or if i can even have both an xbee shield AND a motor shield? Any help? Thanks in advance

I’m curious… did you even do any research at all before posting?

If you have 4 motors on 4 wheels you already have steering by varying the speed of the motors

Wow! im surprised i had not found that. That’s exactly what i was looking for. And that passed right over my head that i didn’t need a servo for steering. Thanks for both comments, i appericiate it! :wink:

EDIT: i just got an idea that i could control it with my phone via bluetooth. There is a bluetooth arduino, but there is a rumor that a blutooth shield is in the making. Does anyone know about this because i am not really interested in buying yet another arduino as well as everything else for this project.

There is this but once you add in even the cheapest arduino and a RS232 to TTL serial converter (~5 $ kit) you are costing more than the arduinoBT

the advantage is, if you decide you really like arduino your not tied into a BT board if you dont need one

From your other post (dual posting not liked…):

Regarding the use of XBee radio modems, I strongly recommend you using the version 1, it is a bout a million times easier to use when you are starting.

Yes, I will second that, they are lower power and with a range of 100m, ample for a remote contol car. The motor shield will do you fine for that but if you are using 4 motors, why do you need a servo motor? I am also doing something similar but using my RC car that has one motor and steering. The steering was centrefugal clutch so I am replacing it with a servo.

What I found is that the motor shiele uses most pins. Therefore you cannot also use the xbee shield. You do however still have all te analog pins so you can use the newsoftserial library to create serial ports on those pins. You want to get the regulated xbee board and then all you have to connect is the serial. If you need any help with code then I should be able to help you with that also.

For the PC end, you want to get the USB xbee board, it makes it really simple to connect the xbee to your pc with a miniUSB cable.