I'm new to Arduino and need a guidance

Hi all.

I like to have a sound sensor to detect a loud noise and activate a motor/servo. My thought was to get a uno, a motor shield and a sound detector. Is there something else that I need?

Also is it possible and simple to play a short audio file when loud noise is detected?

Thank you SleepyEyE

Power supply(s).


If you want the Arduino to play the sound you need some form of audio playback device. There are various MP3 player shields for the Arduino, and you can also get Arduinos such as the LilyPadMP3 which have integral MP3 players (not compatible with standard Arduino shields, though).

If you use a servo, you don't need an extra hardware since it contains its own driver circuit. If you use a DC motor instead, you will need to use have a driver circuit (such as a motor driver shield) compatible with the motor. If you're planning to use multiple shields, check that they don't conflict with each other before you commit to buying them.

LilypadMP3 is a sparkfun product https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11013

Thank you all for your reply. It is much appreciated.