im new

I onlly havve access to a raspberry pi 4 and im started to get into arduino will this be ok to use to program with as i have no real access to a pc thankyou

I expect so. I've used a Pi V3 to program Arduinos without any problem.

@chrislittler1234, you should always use a Title that summarises what you want advice about. In this case it might be "Can I program an Arduino with a RaspberryPi?" or "Can I run the Arduino IDE on a RaspberryPi?"

That makes it much more likely to get the attention of people who know the answer.


i have no access to a pc only a rasspberry pi 4 due to my budget will this be good enough to use to program arduino

Asked and answered. Since you missed it and ask again, why not try googling

raspberry pi arduino ide

like I just did. You’ll be fine, it seems.



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