im searhing new logic


i want to make diy automatic satellite finder for ship

i researched digital compass, motor and gyroscope examples

finaly i want to read ship head with digital compass and turn left or turn right dish

for ex heading 280 degree. my satellite 160 degree. so motor moved to my dish 280-160=120 degree i cant find feedback logic (i looked pantiometer feedback...)

i want to digital compass referenced motor control

When you put the digital compass on the sattelite dish, you con't need the ship heading. You just say 'I want the dish to turn to 280 degrees' and the motor will turn to 280 degrees.

ship is mobil so sometimes 280 sometimes 200 but my satellite constant always 160

i read heading(latitude) same ship latitude. after control the dish motor. my dish always look 160 degree but how :smiley:

But if your compass is on the dish your compass is always 160 - if not you turn on the rotator motor in the
right direction till its reading 160 again? Should be simple.