I'm selling a PSP

I just put a PSP up for auction on eBay. I don’t mean to advertise, but I thought maybe someone wanted one, and I’d tell them where they could bid on one :P.

If this is too close to advertising, please tell me and I’ll get rid of it.

It’s one of those PSPs that are running the original 1.50 firmware (meaning it can be “hacked” to a custom firmware :)).

Here’s a link. Bidding starts at 4.99 USD. Shipping to USA only, I’m afraid.


What price are you looking for? I already have 3 in various states of working but who doesn’t need 4? :wink:

One at least will be a desktop video and media player when I get round to it. It’s been sitting in a drawer for ages so I should really get on with it!


Well, to be honest, I wasn’t planning on selling it outright.

I believe I could still end the auction if someone wanted to buy it outright.

As it is in good working condition, and comes with original chargers, etc. I was hoping to sell it for at least $75, but I have no idea if anyone here would be willing to cough that up :P.

Yeah if I was going to buy it I wouldn’t really be bothered about condition and I would be looking for less than that.

Hope someone buys it then. Why you selling it?


I just don’t use it anymore. I had some fun after I installed Custom Firmware, but now I don’t really want it :P.

I could use the cash, and it’s not too much of a sacrifice when I only turn it on once in a blue moon ;D.

I’ve actually sold this PSP once before, it went for about 81 bucks, but the buyer decided not to pay, so I never got the money. I’m just now getting around to relisting :).

I’ve actually sold this PSP once before

I thought you were going to say that you are some evil mastermind who sells the PSP then steals it back :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’m not that evil :). It kills me when people don’t pay. I just don’t get it…

Wait till you sell a car, which the buyer then tries to string out, until the rego runs out, then they decide not to pay…

That knobhead cost me $1000 - I’d had a cash offer from someone else the day before, but they didn’t want it anymore by the time the person who won the auction decided they didn’t want it.

Any non-paying buyer you need to file a claim against which gets the kicked off ebay


But can’t the user just make a new account? :frowning:

Supposedly they ban IP addresses too - I guess the successfulness of that depends on your IP and your level of technical savvy.

Plus you lose your “rating”, which is important to some sellers - they wont accept bids from people with a rating of 0.

Ok gotcha.