I'm sick, can i stay home?

Seems like when I was a kid, staying home from school was neat, with the exception of being sick to do it. now it seems more like a hassle to be home sick. and along with that, we lose time at work, and hence lose money.

but when your throat burns, plus coughing, and a monster of a headache, with dizziness, and yesterday I was freezing, despite the heat, I think it is a good reason to stay home. particularly when I am working on gutting out an old farm house at work, full of insolation with mouse/squirrel crap, and even some long dead creatures hidden away in the insolation.

so, yes, I am home from work today, but enjoying it? not really.


Hi, I look at it his way, look at how considerate you are not to spread your lurgy to your workmates , which would result in the reduction of economic turn over, which would trickle through to your entire countries GDP.

Your country salutes you.

Sit back, take some Panadol and plenty of fluids.

Tom... :)

travis_farmer: here it is, Wednesday, and I am still sick. man this really sucks. I may have to make an appointment with the doc, though I am sure by the time I can get in I will be fine anyway. but it still really sucks. :(


i am not intending to scare you or anything , but i think your problem might be a little more than just a simple everyday sickness (regarding everything i heard from you in all the threads) . a full medical checkup in the hospital will do you no harm .

travis_farmer: Due to Obama Care, my cost for an ER visit is $450usd, if they don't admit me (and I have the gold plan. go figure). my regular doctors office was closed today, but I assure you I will see if I can get in tomorrow. besides, now I have a wax plug deep in one ear (I get them about once a year), so I am temporarily deaf in one ear. so a good flushing at the docs will fix that right up.

but anyway, I thank you for your concern. I will address it first thing in the morning, when the docs open up.

~Travis (cough... cough... wheeeeeze... cough)

oh , i forgot that you don't have free healthcare there . that indeed is expensive . everyone should do a full checkup once a year though , regardless of the price .

amine2: oh , i forgot that you don't have free healthcare there . that indeed is expensive . everyone should do a full checkup once a year though , regardless of the price .

Well, someone over here once declared a "War on Poverty". So to that end we can't have free health care. We have to keep charging more and more until we win this war and all the poor people are dead. Once we have no more poverty, maybe we will be able to come up with a way to charge everyone when anyone gets sick and everyone can pay the same thing from their taxes whether their sick or healthy.

and… I just threw up (in a trash can). that’s a new development… :astonished:

(sorry for the gory details)


Have you had Keflex before?

Did you remember to eat something with it?

Take two Gravol liquid gels and take a long hot bath.


But better, STEAM Stanier Black 5
I have one in HO.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Hi, But nothing like the smell, feel and sound of full steam. |500x333 Sad, but even when I was a kid, steam trains were only steam excursions.

I remember washing the soot out of my hair, cos back then they let you stick your head out the coach window, safety googles on and camera loaded with Kodachrome.

Tom.... :) Kodachrome== A chemical coated length of celluloid that when exposed to light in a controlled fashion was able to optically store a focused image projected on it.

Hi, Put a steam train ride on your bucket list,(sorry not trying to sound morbid knowing your current health).

But make sure it is a decent tour, the steam preservation societies here make the point of getting their locos out on decent 100km+ excursions.

The problem here is in Victoria we have a different rail gauge to the rest of the country, standard guage is only on main lines and fitted a dual gauge.

In Australia as of 2014, there was 11,801 kilometres (7,333 mi) of narrow-gauge railways, 17,381 kilometres (10,800 mi) of standard gauge railways and 3,221 kilometres (2,001 mi) of broad gauge railways.

Victoria has broad gauge.


Tom.... :)

Maybe the steam would make him feel better.


TomGeorge: Victoria has broad gauge.

Is that the Irish gauge of 5' 3"? That came about because they started building a railway from Dublin in 5' gauge and another from Belfast in 5' 6" gauge. When they met in the middle someone noticed a problem. :) Instead of one company changing their gauge to match the other company's gauge, they both changed to 5' 3", a good old British compromise.


I think it is a 0-4-4.

Yes, looks like it.

Put a couple of drops of eucalyptus with the steam, clear the head and just about anything else.

Is that the Irish gauge of 5' 3"?

Yes broad-gauge 5' 3".

Some sense of it all has eventuated, you can now go from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide, then to Perth or Darwin on Standard Gauge.

Tom... :)


in just my area, it was a meeting point of 2 foot narrow gauge, and 4 foot, 8 1/2 inches standard gauge. and I just recently found there was a wider 5 foot, 6 inch somewhere in Maine.

Before they got Standard Gauge from Melbourne to Sydney, you either changed trains at the border of Victoria and New South Wales, or a team of workers changed the bogeys over, under the carriage or truck, from one gauge to the other.

Tom.... :)



Probably the only good use for them, they have had bad publicity over here.

Tom.. I off to bed, almost midnight... :)

Are they drops, tablets, suppositories, cream?
I looked them up and neither said hydrochloric acid.

Tom… Hope they make you feel better in the morning mate… :o

Naaa, don't worry about it there is so much other stuff listed, how could it be a problem.

Tom... :)

I would only worry if it is Hydrochloric Acid and they were suppositories. :o


The other ingredients form an alkali or at least neutral. The hydrochloric acid is listed as inactive because it is bringing the PH down to a suitable level. From the PH listed it is not overly acidic (lemons are 2.2)

suppositories for a ear infection? seems a little odd. :wink:

They sometimes have you shove medications up your … to cure things in your head.