Image Extraction from Fingerprint Sensor R305

I have been working with a fingerprint sensor R305 as a part of my Arduino project. The biggest difficulty I am facing is in extracting the Fingerprint Image (.bmp) using Arduino. Every library that is available for the R305 does not have the code for extraction of the image however it is given in the datasheet. Yes there are softwares which do this job but I want this to be automated and Arduino seems the best way to make it a standalone system.

Please help me with the coding for Arduino so I can extract the image and save it to a micro SD card.

What for? The image produced by those scanners is pretty much meaningless. The feature recognition required for fingerprints is not like a photograph you can look at.

Just follow the data sheet and send it the command to send the image back. Note the image is not stored for every enrolled fingerprint just the one you have just measured. There is an example app for the PC to extract the image if you want to look at it and I think the source code is available although I don't know what language it is written in.

MorganS once the image has been processed a template file is produced, that is the one that is not an image.

which library you are using . If you are using adafruit library then geting an image is not possible nor template .

If your only knowledge is what is in librarys then you are self limiting any progress you can make in this field of embedded systems.

have you ever gone through r305 datasheet..... ? everything is possible if u write your own code no need of any copy paste thing required..... ......But as per your concern adafruit library is not supporting these things....not even DownChar functionality..... and my knowledge is not just a library...Its about datasheets which i follow.... If you help this guy you are welcm for the discussion or else dnt make chaos....

have you ever gone through r305 datasheet...

Yes I have.

. If you help this guy you are welcm for the discussion or else dnt make chaos....

If you could string a sentence together I would be more impressed with what you have to say.

So let me see if I have this right. You are "getting at me" for saying something can be done on a thread that is over nine months old that you hijacked to say it can't be done?

Not impressed with your behaviour here.

Grumpy_Mike: Not impressed with your behaviour here.

nor even i


it appears to be a serial interface. Did you try connecting the finger print scanner directly to a the USB on your PC to observe what data is being sent from the scanner(using a serial monitor)? This should be the first step. After that, you could try moving on to the arduino. If you got data , try analyzing it into rgb values(if it is a pic) and then saving the file into an image extension.

this explains the bmp format:

if libraries don't do the job, you might need to do this manually


i also want help regarding extraction of .bmp from r305. please help me.

I am now working on the R305 fingerprint module through NodeMCU. I want to extract the fingerprint from the module and save it on a remote database. But, there is no code to pull and push fingerprints to fingerprint module's register. Does anyone know the code to pull and push fingerprints from the registers.