Image Processing and Arduino

Hey guys.....

I am thinking of doing a project which involves image processing(real time) through a webcam and an Arduino connected at the usb port.... which in turn will glow LEDs. I am confused whether it is possible to achieve or not. If so what Arduino Board would be the best option(cost effective) .

Thanks in advance.

Only the Yun can cope with this. And for a beginner an image processing project of any kind on anything would be far to much.


Very hard to do as Arduino is only 16Mhz, so it cannot keep up with a real time video stream without additional hardware. Check a Raspberry PI for the video processing, and you can use an Arduino to control the LEDS (and get commands from the RPI).

Check a Raspberry PI for the video processing

By coincidence in next months issue of The MagPi involves an image processing project where colored pegs in a board are used with a web cam to make a physical percussion sequencer. It is out at the end of August.

Thank you so much guys :slight_smile: