image processing using matlab

Hi guyz need little help i am curruntly working on my project and need to know that how can i detect RGB colour recognization using matlab and how can i use it with arduino because i want to use camera to detect the colour and perform the other task but i have no idea about it how can i do this ?. kindly if any body knows that post it here THANKS..

My project is simple. three objects colour(R,G,B Colour objects) moving on conveyer belt detect by the camera using matlab then moves each object in different direction.

Did you have an Arduino question? Or, did you post it on the Matlab forum?

where is the matlab forum bro ? basically i am using arduino so my question is about arduino but interfacing with matlab .

so my question is about arduino but interfacing with matlab .

No, it isn't. It's strictly about how to do something in matlab.

You can complete your project using matlab and a camera for input capture without using arduino. If you have to use arduino and matlab in your project, follow these steps: Integrate arduino with a camera (you may need a camera shield or you may have to build one and write software if needed) Read rgb values from the camera through arduino inputs in matlab Use matlab routines to recognize the color from input rgb values