Image sent to SMS

Hello, I'm starting a new project that should take a picture with a serial camera and send the picture via SMS... do you think it's doable using the official GSM shield?

I've already read other topics about this matter but I haven't been able to find a clear answer or a solution yet.



I read about setting the modem to PDU to be able to send "ringtones and wallpapers" therefore images too... and ofc a microsd board to handle the size of the image... but i'd like more details about this solution (if worthy) since i need to invest money in this project.

"Nope"... awesome answer... any details about it?


:) yeh idd sounds fun and I'm not really concerned about the time spent on trying... i'm concerned about the doability of the entire system... I was hoping to hear from someone who already tryed and succeeded to get some hints...

The info about sending images via SMS are so poor tbh :/,127880.0.html