Image transmission over serial link?

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I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to send images from one Arduino to another via the RX/TX pins? I was just curious since I was planning on using a TTL Serial Camera ( to take photos (when triggered from a remote control), save the photo to a microSD card and then send that image to the Arduino board in the remote control (via a Bluetooth module). The board in the remote would then store the image in a microSD card and then display it on a LCD screen ( So essentially, I'd like to be able to take photos from the camera on my robot and then send the image back to the user and the idea is to be able to change this to work over a long range.

So I was just wondering if it would be possible? :~

Thank you for your time.

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Given that a picture is just data then yes, anything is possible as long as you can slow the image source down to a speed that the Arduino can accept. However, you may be disappointed at how long it takes to transfer a whole image. I suggest you work out how big the image is going to be in bytes, multiply that by ten to get a rough number of bits, and then divide that by the serial line speed you think you can achieve over the distance you want - for example 9600 bps might be a realistic starting point. The result will be the number of seconds it takes to transfer that size image over a link that fast under ideal conditions.

If you can work out the data transfer between the two, then that seems reasonable. However, the serial camera has JPG data and the Adafruit display tutorial graphics library mentions only BMP for its demo.

Thanks for the replies guys. ^___^

@Runaway Pancake: Yeah, that was going to be my second question - is it possible to change the file type from .jpg to .bmp in a sketch? Perhaps using some kind of file rename method? I just used that display as an example since I had it lying around but I can get a different one. :grin:

So any ideas on what direction I should head in relation to the code? I'm not entirely sure where to start. :sweat_smile:

Renaming file.jpg to file.bmp is easy, and it doesn't convert JPEG (a compressed image format) to BMP, which is bit-mapped pixel values (and a much larger file for the same image.)