Image upload of Gimp JPEGs


I have the recurring problem that I cannot upload images that come from my phone and then are downscaled by Gimp (recent Ubuntu version). They are always rejected for “security reasons”. Here is an example for that.

This is especially pretty frustrating since such uploads are usually for someone else, I went through the effort of loading the image to my computer, downscale it because the normal size is also not accepted and such.

I have had no problem - I am now using Linux Mint 18 (Ubuntu Xenial) and previously Puppy Linux (Ubuntu Tahr).

My jpg files have come from my camera and from LibreOffice Draw.

What happens if you save the file as a native GIMP file and then make a JPG from that?


When you export the image from Gimp try removing (not saving) the EXIF and XMP data in the image. There are two checkboxes to uncheck under "advanced options" during the export. Strings within the EXIF data can trigger the forum software to identify the file as a script or such.

P.S. I know where you live.

Good point :) Thanks!