Image Viewer P6 Display using miniSD card

Hi, everyone.

Thanks for read. I need to build an "Image Viewer" with two P6 module display (32x32 dots rgb led each module)...

I don't know how to play the photos into the display without using a computer.

I thought an arduino SD card reader could work, but how?

I will preciate all the ideas and answers.

Thanks a lot!

It strikes me that you will not be able to display much of an image on a 32 by 64 matrix.
For a start the images on your SD card must be that small. If the images are in the bmp format then that is the closest to the raw image data you need.

You have to process the images down to that resolution first, and them store them on the SD card with your computer. Transfer the SD card to the Arduino and then you open the file on the SD card, skip the header bytes and transfer the data into you matrix buffer. But it will not look even recognisable as an image.

However if this is just an SD card from a camera then you can not do this on an Arduino because you don’t have anything like enough memory.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The images are characters, with color background. Changing on 3 secs.

It will be used to show the bus main stops, the number/letter of the itinerary.

What kind of arduino board do I need to connect the SDcard to the displays?


No you connect the SD card reader to the Arduino and you connect your display to the Arduino. You do not connect the SD card to the display.