images from Sd to ks0108 lcd

I'm looking to have a few hundred frames placed on a sd card(fat16/fat32) and have a Teensy 2++ flip through them. I didnt really find any proof of existence in a quick google search, I did see many people saying the library for the lcd and the library for sd card, requires alot of space.

I also saw the lcd library can have images converted and loaded into eeprom although atmel eeprom specs are high most needs at 100,000 read write cycles... In about 200 days I'd exceed that limit, and The target life I'm trying to reach is around 10 years.

Teensy 2++ specs: Flash: 130048 kb RAM Memory: 8192 kb

I know i'm faced with with a lack of ram to load a raw file containing 8192 of 1's and 0's into the ram of the teensy, but is it possible to have teensy change 1 pixel at a time as it comes straight off the sd card... I read that the ks0108 is buffered does that mean that teensy can edit a existing frame 1 pixel at a time while the frame data is in the ks0108's control?

any suggestions on what works what doesnt?

I also saw the lcd library can have images converted and loaded into eeprom

There are several libraries for driving LCDs. Capabilities vary. Specifics on the library YOU are using would be useful.

the glcd library can load images from eeprom, it uses a processing script to convert the images for storage... in my case my eeprom would be dead, way before my 10 year targeted product cycle is. thats what i understood read through the code, you might need a larger external eeprom..

Or an SD card.... You can read chunks of data and not bits, in fact you cant really only read one bit from the SD card, only bytes, with all that ram, you can read 1Kb of data each time, send it to the lcd and then repeat. The SD card lib, doesnt even need 8Kb of flash, and the lcd lib will be less than 2Kb.

thanks I'll try it out when my parts get here.. I wasnt sure if i was about to waste alot of time was all thanks again

most needs at 100,000 read write cycles… In about 200 days I’d exceed that limit,

Not too sure if you know but you can read it as often as you want, it is the erase part of the write cycle that is limited.
It is not clear from your description if you will be writing a lot.

atmel specs offer 100,000 cycles. I'd need to look into rewriting 200(600 at least once a week) cycles per day on the eeprom.. I know there is talk about the actual life of the eeprom being a bit higher, but i'm not looking to replace this chip 8 years from now at all... I need the reliability of around 10 years

Then use an SD card, you have both flash and ram enough to use it.

Even SD cards have a similar sort of life expectancy in terms of read / write cycles as eeprom. You might get away with a 10 year life but this post suggests not:- The mitigating point is that if you have a much bigger SD card that you need and have ware leveling in the software you can spread out the number of read / write cycles and individual cell gets.