ImaxB3 AC sucks.

Hello guys,
It’s Rushi again. I posted about LiPo battery issue couple of weeks ago. But eventually I discovered something else. I concluded about battery being faulty because the middle led on that charger was not lit. So I went and bought another LiPo. Now this charger behaves same way as before. So may be previous battery may be ok it would have just drained its one cell.

Now I have a question. I went through many online resources about making a single cell serial cable but I don’t have patience for that. Hence I attached some jumper wires to the one cell of a battery and charger port which was ok. You can see in the pic. Is this ok procedure for long term? Cause I don’t lipo chargers anymore they’re expensive and most of them are faulty, no warranties and China shit.

As shown in pic, can I go with this?

  1. watch your language.

  2. get lots of fire insurance.

That looks like a balance charging connector of some sort, which implies it has more than 1 cell in that lipo pack (which you provided no details). In that case, you should charge it only with an appropriate balancing charger. Improperly or unevenly charging LiPo batteries is how you start fires.

It looks like the LEDs are labeled Cell 1, Cell 2 and Cell 3.

If it is a three cell charger, that could be a rather bad choice for a single cell battery.

His battery's balance connector has 4 pins though, which implies that it's a 3-cell battery!

Either that, or two pins for charging a single cell and two pins for a thermistor, or three pins for balance-charging two cells, and one pin for a thermistor (with common ground).

apologies for not specifying the battery.

It is 3s battery. rest of the two cells show 4.2V which means they are okay. the one I connecting using "so called balancer (a homemade, maybe inappropriate)" is 2nd cell which is totally discharged. I am sure that the charger gone or defective.

I am sure that the charger gone or defective.

If you beleive there is even a small risk that the charger is deffective, bin it.

Trying 'clever' dodges to get batteries charged with a defective charger is insane.