Imitating PS2 Signal

I have an Arduino Duemilanove that I am currently controlling with a PS2 controller, which is wired as shown below.

I would like to emulate the PS2 remote's signal to connect to the receiver from my computer and control the board.
I am using some very specific code that will only support the command structure and wiring of a PS2 receiver, so I cannot just use an XBee on the board to connect to the computer.

Does anyone know how the receiver and PS2 connect to one another so I can attempt to connect to the PS2? Additionally, what does the command structure that the PS2 receiver sends to the receiver look like?

Is what I described above feasible?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance :),

Don't cross-post!

I am very sorry. I have deleted my post to eliminate any confusion.

I am very new to this forum, so I was unaware of the fact that you cannot post the same subject in two different topics.

Do you have any advice or guidance regarding my system?