immediate start

Hi, I have one question. I write something on my arduino, but then when I turn it on again, it take some seconds to start running. Is there a way to make it start faster?


The delay is in the bootloader. Have a look at some of the alternative bootloaders, take a look in the playground or search google. If you have a programmer that doesn't require a bootloader, you could remove the bootloader completely and have no delay caused by a bootloader.

yea you will have to change bootloaders, which require a avr programmer, or atleast another arduino to act as one

Ok, I have the USBTinyISP, where can I get more info about how to program? Because my program was written on arduino.

Thanks in advance

To point you in the right direction... you will probably have to use avrdude through the command line to either get rid of the current bootloader or change the bootloader. Then I think you would need to modify your boards.txt file in the arduino folder to allow you to program directly from the arduino IDE.

For an different bootloader... take a look here for directions... Arduino Hacks

quick tutorial ...

using avr dude and the command line, from there you can replace the bootloader with a modified quick load one, or you can search your computer for the most recent compiled version out of the arduino IDE (its in a temp folder and likes to move) and upload it through the command line

or you can modify boards.txt to use your programmer (on the avrdude tutorial its specified as avrdude -c usbtiny) so you can upload direct from arduino with no bootloader

if I get the .hex file and upload usin =g AVRDUDE,
will it work without the bootloader, and then won't have that delay?


another thing, arduino is not writing the .hex on the file folder anymore?

yes if you upload the hex via your programmer (avrdude is just a soft tool, even arduino uses it for serial uploads) then there will be zero delay

and no, it does not put the hex in the same folder as your script anymore, it lurks in a temp file, so I am often doing windows search for sketch*.hex while I am using my attiny84

so I could use arduino to make the prototype, then if I want to write, let's say 10 circuits, then the best would be to get the .hex and program it using ICSP, so it wouldn't have that annoying delay. right?