Impact/Noise Sensor to Drive LED (Outdoor use)

Hi guys,

I am after a sensor that is used to sense noise (music) that will drive some LEDs accordingly. I found this sensor here;

Will this be practical for outdoor use? I want to use it at a music festival and predominantly used for deep bass. I've read somewhere where you would integrate a low pass filter to filter out high frequency.

Is such a sensor or a project as a whole possible for outdoor sound/music? Or will there be too many interference?

If someone can shed some light on this or offer some suggestion it will be great. Sorry if this topic has been covered!


Enter "colour organ" or "light organ" in the search box on top of this page.

Thanks for the reply Wawa,

I found these 2 products here and its something I want to implement;

Question is, will this work for outdoors with the music and with the extra sound interference? Has anyone dealt with this before?

If not, I guess I'll have to test it out!