Impatto Zero?

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I’m very new to Arduino and this forum.
On the bottom of my Arduino Uno, it’s written “IMPATTO ZERO”.
I googled around and could only find out its literal meaning “Zero Impact” and some seemingly relevant italian web sites.
It probably asserts that Arduino Uno fulfills some criteria as a product.
Does anyone teach me more specifics about the phrase?


Zero Impact refers to it's Environmental Impact

Basically it means for all the energy, materials, and stuff they used to make the board, they offset somehow, such as by recycling, using renewable energy sources, etc.

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I could find out some explanation about it in the small booklet included in the Arduino package. It reads, "The producer of this board joined Zero Impact." But I'm still not able to narrow down where the 'Zero Impact' comes from or how one can qualify for the title? My curiosity only grows, hmm..

For every Arduino sold, Impatto Zero plants a certain amount of square metres of forest to offset the carbon footprint of its manufacturing.

here is the link… partly in italian and partly in english

(Smart Projects is the italian manufacturer of the Arduino boards)


Thanks for the link, Massimo Banzi,

So it’s like Smart Project is trying to make up for any potential carbon footprint from Arduino manufacturing process
though the board itself is considered “ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT”.
That’s very good I think.
Last summer I traveled northern Italy and enjoyed the great country.

!(http://Cinque Terre.JPG)


Cinque Terre.JPG

:wink: I wish I bought a --impatto zero-- arduino board but i can see -impatto zero-(zero carbon footprint) in the new boards except in these picture if i want to buy a diferent model for example arduino mega or due Are not -impatto zero- ? or How can I buy boards with that regulation ? :D