Implement a project

Hi I'm studying in computer programming field, I should implement project for one of my courses can you help me to implement this project.

Description of my project: I have 2 phases for the project. First phase: Free game I should design and implement free game (Play with numbers). I have 6 boxes and each box is related to a number like 1, 2...6 and every block have 3 different light colors (White, Green, Red) and a speaker for all default white light color is on for all boxes and then when the children go to on the any box, green light up and play the name of the number. Second Phase: The individual’s game (The path)

I should design a program for my project. The application should generate 6 random numbers between 1...6 and shows those for kid on the screen (Tablet or computer) and then kid should do this game step by step (example: “Go on the 2” and then go on the 3 and so on). If the kid goes on the right block, the system knows it and there is a reaction: the block lights up (green color) produces the sound of cheer after this kid should go to the next step and so on otherwise play wrong sound and red color lights up and requests from kid that try again.

I search about electronic part that how can implement this project and I found of I need arduino board for each box and all boards are connected to the main board (it is arduino board too) via RS 458 and all boards have adc port for connecting load cell. I should use load cell for identifying children for each box. However, I could not get enough information and I'm really confused. because I don't what I need and how I can connect these boards and so on. Can you help me?

Don't PM folks for help.

Start by reading. For example, you should have read the description of the board you were posting on. It says:

Installation & Troubleshooting - For problems with Arduino itself, NOT your project

So why do you post a question about some project in that section?

Second thing you need to do is read the "How to use this forum" thread.

If you're not the kind of person who is going to read the directions, documentation, and instructions first then coding really isn't going to be for you. You will have nothing but frustration forever.