Implementation of pathfinding algorithm in arduino, Possible or Not?

Is it possible to program or to code a pathfinding algorithm like dijikstra shortest-path using arduino sketch? My Project goes like this: I will use java for controlling arduino. I will send a value to startperform the search algorithm for shortest path. Is this possible using sketch? I really need your help. I am a graduation student and this is my thesis project guys. Your explanation would really be a big help for my future. Thank you guys..

Yes, it is possible.

The Arduino is programmed in C++
Can you program a pathfinding algorithm in C++ ?
I would certainly hope so, but most Arduinos have a very small amount of memory so that may be a limitation.

Thanks for all your reply guys. It really means a lot. But what if i have 50x50 grid based for my robot. Does it affects its performance badly?

Try to imagine that you have no idea what this project is all about then imagine what this last post means when the ONLY information you have is what is contained this thread.

The only answer I can give is "Eh?"

That's why I'm asking here. Because this is my thesis project proposal. I need to know everything. I am a newbie entering the world of robotics

50 x 50 grid to represent what area? For an area of a square foot that would give you a resolution to within less than half an inch. If it's an area of an acre, the resolution is not so fine.

What are you going to do with the grid? I suppose this is the question that determines if it "affects it's performance"

My question would be like this. If you’re using shortest-path algorithm in a game, you will create a map using map [y] then loop, to create a corX, corY. What i mean is that, what if I will implement a pathfinding algorithm using 20x20 map. 20x20 area map size. Does it affects the performance of my robot? In this case, does this consumes a lot of memory calculating neighbors/nodes? I will be getting the heuristic values from start to goal. then find the shortest path by calculating F = G + H something like that…

Does it affects the performance of my robot?

Compared to what ? Can you explain what you mean by performance in this context ?

It seems to me that as a 4th-year Computer Science Student you should be aware of the possible effects of implementing a shortest path algorithm on a memory limited system. For instance, will the algorithm use recursion in its operation, how many intermediate results need to be stored until the best path is calculated and does the algorithm scale linearly or does doubling the number of points on the path square the amount of resources needed (or worse), for instance ?

Between having somewhat large data structures, and using recursive algorithms, path finding code tends to use a lot of RAM, and is probably not a good thing to try to run on an arduino. A due or teensy3 might do ok.

Arduino MEGA iso UNO?

This is your thesis project?
And you know nothing about it?
What school do you go to?
I need to know, because my son is looking for a good school.

Why, oh why, if you're using Java to "drive" the Arduino, why aren't you doing the path algorithms in Java (on what is probably a machine with much more memory)?