Implicit type conversion warnings

So this int time = millis(); line of code caused me to waste too much time understanding why, after approximately after 30 seconds of the programming running, it stops acting as defined (Well, a signed int becomes too small to hold the returned value…).

I didn’t get any error/warning from the Arduio IDE (And I’m really used to these from VS/Eclipse). Is there any way to enable such warning?

(Sorry if it is the wrong forum for questions regarding the IDE… didn’t find any other appropriate one)

There is an IDE option to enable verbose output during compilation. Since these are not strictly errors you will only get a warning - the compilation won't fail; you'll need to review the messages for warnings in your code. You'll find that compiling the Arduino runtime produces rather a lot of warnings too and you'll just have to shut your eyes to those.

You should use an unsigned long as specified by the millis() function. You should also read the Arduino library documentation rather than depend on the compiler to read your mind.