Importing Arduino data from Windows to Linux

Hello fellas,
Hope all is fine with you guys.

I have been working on arduino using Arduino IDE in Windows. I have installed multiple platforms and multiple libraries over the years.

Now, I have started working with Linux, on the same laptop alongside Windows. My Question is, is it possible for me to somehow get all my arduino data (libraries, installed platforms, saved programs, etc.) from my Windows software to my Linux newly installed Arduino IDE?

To transfer the 3rd party libraries you have on your Windows machine you only need to copy over your sketchbook folder(File > Preferences > Sketchbook location). If you have installed any to the Arduino IDE installation folder you will need to transfer those over also but you should never install libraries to that folder so that shouldn’t be necessary usually.

To transfer your sketches just copy them from wherever you have them on your Windows machine. If you have them all stored in your sketchbook then you will have already transferred them in the last step.

Platforms may have OS specific tools. When you install platforms via Boards Manager the correct version is automatically installed so you would be better to just reinstall the platforms than trying to transfer them over. If you have created custom platforms they should be located at {sketchbook folder}/hardware and you can just copy them over.