Importing arduino Libraries in keil

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure whether this is correct place to post this question. Let me know if there is any issue, I will delete or shift this accordingly.

I am programming nrf51822 module (datasheet) following this repo using arduino IDE 1.8.1

I am able to compile the program succesfully without any problem. However, there are many restriction (not able to use Softdevice APIs provided by nordic, fstorage module etc) using SDK in arduino, so I wanted to shift to Keil for development. Since Keil works with C language, is it possible to import arduino C++ libraries in Keil.

Following are the libraries which I am planning to import: Accelstepper and Keypad

What will be changes required in the libraries? I am not very good at programming. I am familiar with arduino and arduino libraries but not familiar with Keil Environment. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

What is "Keil" ?

It sounds like this is a question for a forum that deals with Keil.