importing libraries

I want to use a couple of downloaded libraries in my sketch. I created a folder named "libraries" in the first level of my sketch folder and inserted them in there. When I launch the IDE these libraries correctly show up under Sketch>Import Library...> under "Contributed". However, when I do this, my sketch doesn't compile correctly with the standard libraries, specifically LiquidCrystal. If I change the name of the folder I lose access to my contributed libraries but regain the standard ones. What have I done wrong?
I'm using IDE 0022 on a Mac.

What error message do you get?

"no matching function for call to LiquidCrystal..." when I have the subfolder "libraries". When I remove it, relaunch the ide, and recompile, the function gets called correctly.

and what is the contributed library that seems to mask the Liquid Crystal library?

or is it just enough to break it if you create an empty libraries file in Documents/Arduino?

Haha! I thought my problem was due to having created the libraries folder. Your question prompted me to look through the folder contents. Among the dozen or so libraries was one named LiquidCrystal. Removing this library solved my problem. Thanks.

Thats good :slight_smile:

Happy Arduinoing.