Impossible d'installer le plug in 'Arduino Create Agent'


Il m'est impossible d'installer le plug in 'Arduino Create Agent' sur mon PC windows 7. Je ne vois pas l'icône Arduino Plugin dans le bac supérieur ou inférieur même après avoir Lancer le plugin Pouvez-vous m'aider, svp? merci

hi @PALOMBA unfortunately we don't speak french and we cannot support you. There are a lot of posts of users with a similar issue (mainly related to Antivirus, Firewall or not accepting all the certificates), I would recommend you look for them.

sorry we cannot be more helpful!

@palomba writes: I cannot install the plugin 'Arduino Create agent" on my PC Windows 7. I don'nt see the icon Arduino plugin even after I launched (manually ?) the plugin. Could you help me please.

And I have exactly the same problem under Windows 10.

Did you run the installer as "Administrator" and say "YES" to any of the pop up questions about certificates, firewall etc.

The certificate is "per browser" by the way so installing the cert on Chrome then using Edge to get to create would not normally work.

Also for testing it is certainly worth turning off any security such as antivirus / antimalware programs as they have been known to interfere with CREATE. If that's the case simply adding the CREATE process / directories to the security whitelist / exclusions often fixes it.