Impossible to connect industrial 101 to internet.

Hi thanks in advance for your help.
I am beginner of Arduino.
I can't start internet conection of arduino industrial 101.

1.System is as follows.
Arduino:Industrial 101
Arduino IDE:1.8.0
PC:windows 7
Wireless Lan security:WPA2


1)I connected 101 and PC by micro USB cable.
2)power LED turned on.
3)After several seconds, WLAN LED(blue) turned on.
4)I confirmed the port number used for arduino industrial 101 was com8 by device manager.
5)com8 port property told me this port is no problem.
6)Then I tried to put the address on the browser "http://linino.local" or "".
7)After about one minute, browser showed the message that I could not show this page.

I could not reach the page,
I tried to find the solution carefully, but I couldn't an am a at a loss.

I am looking forward to get good solution.

Masayoshi Fukushima

When you use the board for the first time (or after a reset) you must switch your WIFI-network on the computer with which you want to reach the arduino to the boards network, you'll recognize the name, it's something with arduino followed by its MAC-addres. After you've finished the setup, you can switch back to your normal wireless network.

I can't believe how horrible the documentation for the Arduino Industrial 101 is. Why wouldn't there be quick start guides to doing simple things like opening a TCP connection via wifi, Setting up as and AP, not a client, etc.

Is there not a basic command set and method to write normal arduino microprocessor code that can control/access the wifi connection, just like you do with wifi and ethernet shields?

I just bought an Arduino Industrial 101 and during setup it wasn't able to scan any wireless networks. I've reset its wireless settings by holding down the USER1 button for 5 seconds and it's able to work in AP mode but doesn't seem to scan any networks. I've tried manually inputting my network for it to connect but it doesn't seem to show up... anyone with the same problem?